Avara Ambrosia Software / Juri Munkki 2018

This is a port of the original 1996 MAC game from the makers of Escape Velocity Nova. This port uses C++, SDL2, and OpenGL. The game is a 3D-rendered, flat-shaded networked battle arena game in which players control walking robot mechs. The robots are armed with lasers, missiles, and grenades, and protected by shields. Up to six players can battle simultaneously, using built-in level maps or add-on maps created by players and downloaded from the net. Three different mech configurations are available, varying in speed and loadout. There are also some single player scenarios for solo exploration. Action is either viewed first-person, from inside the mech, or third-person, from a flying drone that is player controllable.
Free Game 6.8MB (uploaded by Github)

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