Outbreak: New Dawn Free Reign Entertainment 2020

Early Access Release Five years after the undead have risen, world lies in shambles. Survivors settled down in a safe, highly protected camps, where they found some stability. Yet, they’re feeling constant threat of undead and other, more desperate survivors. Explore the world claimed by nature. Loot what remained of civilization, fight over players over resources, and try not to succumb to hordes of undead. How far will you go to survive? New AI system allows us to have horde of hundreds of zombies on screen at same time without breaking a sweat. New detection and navigation code, makes for more prominent PVE gameplay, where you have to think twice before you decide to ambush group of noob players. Or you can lure zombies to them, make undead to do your dirty deeds. Over 10 years of perfection of netcode and gunplay gets us to Outbreak new server architecture. Built from scratch with 100 to 150fps servers tailored to world’s best shooter players, precise skill based gunplay and recoil, with anticheat systems built by world’s leading anticheat team specifically for us. New updated HDR physically based rendering that gets you 60+ fps ( and all way up to 200fps or more ) on modern graphics rigs. We’ve focused on what matters to you – cheat free, skill based responsive and lethal shooting. With roughly 10 to 20 times more details than other survival games, our world is beautiful yet dangerous. Navigate forests, grass plains and mountain ranges, explore abandoned overgrown cities, gather valuable loot and extract it to safe zone camp, where you can trade it with other players or vendors. Complete missions received from numerous NPCs to get access to more powerful and rare gear.
Download: None currently available

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