Sacrifice Your Friends Astrolabe Interactive Inc. 2020

Early Access Release This is a 1- 4 players fast paced party brawler in a cute cartoon horror style. Use various weapons, battle your friends, grow your cult of the Old Ones and embrace insanity as you try to survive in a chaos of dangerously dynamic environments. A guided tour in the universe of H. P. Lovecraft - Chaotic, fast paced, accessible but hard to master, this presents a fresh take on the H.P. Lovecraft horrific mythos that let you experience its stories with your friends. Take a tour of strange adventures and mysteries inspired by Lovecraft stories: Explore the depths of the Mountain of Madness, escape the fish-folks mob of Innsmouth, find your way through the catacombs of the Nameless City and much more. Grow your Cult, unlock your fame and show your devotion. Choose a Cult to offer your sacrifices and wake its Elder One. Unlock weapons with unique dynamics for exciting new ways to play. Turn your spoils of victory into silly player customization. Test your friends skills in multiple eldritch game modes and prove yourself the ultimate cultist of the Great Old Ones. Expand your cult – Grow your cult by taking objectives and making sacrifices to unlock unique transformations in the shape of your Elder God. Madness system – Unique catch-up mechanism: embrace your own madness and unleash devastating powers against your friends by transforming yourself into your cult’s Great Old One. Get more kills while in this form to keep it going. Solo/Multiplayer story – Discover the stories of H.P. Lovecraft like never before in this special tour. Locations – 20+ unique dangerous environments inspired by Lovecraft’s work. Game modes – Deathmatch, King of the Hill, Hoard the Idols, Eldritch Cup and more. Couch and Online – Mix couch and online multiplayer and compete with random friends with online matchmaking. Player customization – Unlock weapons, characters, skins, hats, maps, mini-games and more. Please note this is mainly a multiplayer game. You can explore the story alone and unlock characters and map, but the main experience is best played multiplayer (couch and/or online).
Download: None currently available

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