Point 236 Miroslav Nemecek 2002

In this 3D FPS game you are an ant and your main goal is destroy all your enemies and to recapture the ancient therapeutic spring, which is known as Point 236. Your enemies consist of aphids, worms and spiders. You start with a pistol and during your battles you can collect a shotgun, body armor, helmet and health power-ups. Your health status is shown by your color. If you are a black ant, then you are 100% healthy. During the course of the game there is always something new and exciting around just about every hill. At times when you least expect it, a bug seems to appear from out of nowhere and starts nibbling away at you. But don't let him nibble to long. The game is very entertaining and not exceptionally difficult. Almost anyone should be able to complete it in just a couple of hours. At any time you can pause the game to save/load your current position or even to change options. Just about everything in Point 236 is configurable. It will run in a window or full screen with resolutions from 320x200x8bit to 1280x1024x32bit.
Free Game 1.4MB (uploaded by Caiman)

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