Battlewake Survios 2019

Battle to save the pirate's life. Avast, matey - Rough seas await in Battlewake, a fantasy naval combat game built for VR from the creators of Raw Data and CREED: Rise to Glory. Play as 4 mythical pirate lords, captain massive battle-ready warships, and summon ancient powers as you set sail on a larger-than-life nautical war for the ages. Fight for dominion - From the helm of your warship, wage war upon the high-seas as 4 mythical Pirate Lords: Diego the Dreaded, Rev the Relentless, Calavera the Undying, and Zhang the Magnificent - locked in a constant struggle for dominion over Battlewake’s ever-churning waters. 3 game modes for solo, co-op or pvp action. Navigate the tall tales of the 4 fearsome Pirate Lords in Battlewake's 1-2p Campaign Mode. Rack up experience and gold with dynamic, endless objectives in 1-4p Warfare mode. Embrace the pirate's life in 2-10p PvP deathmatch Plunder. Master unique ultimates and abilities. Turn the tide in your favor with each Pirate Lords' unique ultimates: unleash mighty tsunamis, send enemies’ ships flying in maelstroms, destroy hulls with bone spikes, and literally release the Kraken. Earn experience to upgrade your captain & ship. Spend earned gold to boost your ship’s stats and level up your Pirate Lord. Upgrade your arsenal with 13 different real and fantastical ship-based weapons, including flak cannons, ballistae, axe-throwers, chain cannons, mortars, and more. Designed for VR comfort. Utilizing Survios' Immersive Vehicle System, experience the thrills of high-stakes naval combat without triggering nausea, even as your ship pitches, yaws, turns, rams, plunges, and - if you’re not wily enough - sinks.
Download: None currently available

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