RaidLand SideQuestNZ / Blue Wizard Digital 2020

This is a competitive, class-based PvP fantasy RPG. Play as the Hunter, Warrior or Berserker in Team Greed mode ~ Hunt & kill your opponents, steal & hoard gold for victory ~ Level up, unlock skill perks & masteries in each class. Features; Fast-paced 3rd-Person ranged and melee combat with 3 Classes to choose from - The Hunter, Warrior & Berserker; Level up each class, earn gold rewards & unlock skill perks - Customize your class build on the fly by changing perks; Max your class level to unlock masteries with custom characters and special mastery perks. Choose from the Falcon Hunter, Shadow Hunter, Golem Warrior, Immortal Warrior, Wild Berserker or Grim Berserker; Battle with friends in Team Greed mode as the Blue Bandits or Red Raiders or go solo greedy in Free-For-All; Roam the Gloomfeld Forest or the Immortal Canyon - Hoard gold and become a legend across the lands of Elderfall.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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