Brutal Half-Life 1998

This mod makes the game more violent and addictive. It is also a tribute to the classic FPS games. Additions: Chapter selection map; 4 new maps based on classic FPS; New weapons - Fists, Desert eagle from Opposing Force, Hyperblaster from Quake 2, Plasmarifle from Doom, Rocket launcher from Quake 1. Dual weapons: Glock, Mp5, 357, Desert eagle. Different fluid forms for blood: Splashes, drips and streams; Player and monsters bleeding out (player bleeds in hard mode or when no HEV); New weapon animations; Fire; Aiming with the sights; New physics reactions for some weapon attacks; New head gore variations; Barney can carry more weapons; Some AI improvements; Dead HEV dismemberment; Weapon recoil; Small camera movements; No-HEV hands.
Download - Beta 2 60MB (uploaded by ModDB)

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