Solace Dreams Erminio 2017

This is a horror survival, taking inspirations from games like Silent Hill and Dark Souls. It's a standalone mod made to run exclusively for GzDoom, it has a estimated game play length of 4+ hours and infinite replayability with newgame plus. The story telling is vague with only subtle hints to give the player a small insight into each of the worlds the player will explore. Each stage yields notes which describe the events that took place within that particular level. This is a slow paced run and gun style shooter, that focuses heavily on its boss battles and level exploration. The game incorporates silent hills inventory system and dark souls difficult boss battles, to create a exciting and challenging experience. The game at first is pretty linear introducing the player to the mechanics but then is entirely open world by the last half, so players experiencing difficulty or a shortage of items/ammo will be able to backtrack and switch stages. Notes: Customize your controls to comfortably fit you; Pressing H (or key of your choice) will make interactive objects shine, useful for scouting items in dark or large areas; Manual saving has been disabled, use the in game camera locations scattered through the game to save. At least 1 can be found on each stage; Picking up a item, then pressing your assigned key will make the dialog disappear, this also applies for the diary entry; Its recommenced you play in full screen 1920x1080 forced 4:3; Bosses are Invincible until there health bar appears. In 2020, a Remake was started where you play as the newly named Yume who must once again find her friends in limbo and escape. There are currently only 4 playable stages.
Free Game v1.6.7 166MB (uploaded by ModDB)
Remake - Prototype 370MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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