Quickscoper Doge: The Dank Illuminati Memes xTyler73 2020

Play as Doge, and journey through the illuminati's lair in this FPS story driven adventure, so that you can recover de_dankmemes from the illuminati. You'll team up with other characters voiced by BigManTyrone (voice of the trailer), and famous YouTuber xTyler73 along the way. Be careful tho m8, as PewDiePie and Dat Boi are also after the dank maymays. Additional Game Mode - Defend The Memes: Want to fight against 69 BigManTyrones, 420 dat bois, 69 PewDiePies and 1 illuminati? This game mode will unlock after beating the story mode, so if your body (and your CPU) are ready, then good luck m8. Features: See that mountain? You can climb it; Really makes you feel like Doge; It has a little something for everyone; Sample Text; All of this just works; Remember - no hardscoping.
Download: None currently available

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