My Friend Cubix [K] Fujitsu Korea 2002

A side-scrolling shooter named after the animation 'Cubix', which was aired on SBS. It has a story line similar to the animation scenario, and it is composed of a story game genre but a role-playing element that introduces the story in a dialog form of characters at the end of each stage. As another feature, it is possible to select two of the five transformation modes before the game starts and change the mode according to the situation during the game. It's set in 2040. After moving to Bubble Town, Skye sees and repairs Cubics at Hera's warehouse, and becomes friends with Yuri, Minwoo, and Mongo. On the other hand, in response to Dr. K and Dr. K, who are bothering robots while collecting Solex, an alien energy, Cubics transforms into various modes and joins forces with Skye. There are 5 kinds of which you can select two of the transformation modes to proceed (Because each of the 5 modes has different shooting methods, it quickly transforms into shortcuts according to the situation). Cubics transforms into various modes to fight against Dr.K's robots. Of these 5 modes, gamers choose two modes to transform into the appropriate mode during the game and defeat enemy characters. Introducing the RPG element beyond a simple shooting game, and the contents of the next episode are progressed interactively between each episode. You can also play the game without Story Mode. A cubic theme song that can be heard anytime flows with the opening video. After defeating an enemy character, when you get items of Dongdong, Robocom, and Minicom, they appear as auxiliary characters and have a different fun beside Cubics. Character Personality: Sky - After moving to Bubble Town, the Cubics are repaired and they become friends. Yuri-A cute girl who has a cute Dong Dong as a friend of the sky next door. Minwoo-He is good at computers and helps the Cubics. Mongo - There is a great view of robots. Hera-The daughter of Dr. Nemo is Bubble Town's 'Robot Doctor'. Dr. K-Bully the robots in Bubble Town to get Solex.
Korean Full Demo + fix 125MB+106kb (uploaded by
Korean Full Demo 134MB (uploaded by doogie838)

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