Starship Ranger 2005

Your motherplanet is suffering from invaders - extraterrestrials. Enemy aircraft bomb the Earth. You are the last hope of the terrestrials. The best starship is prepared and well equipped. Don't lose time; good luck. Your mission is rather complex. The number of ETs is great, they are very dangerous and aggressive but the most perilous are their bosses. Their aircraft attack you each 20th level, in case you manage to reach it. All your skill and deftness are necessary for you in this intergalactic war. To rule your starship you can use a keyboard as well as a mouse as well as a joystick (great experience). Don't forget to fill up using special fuel stations. This is a shoot-em-up in which you must use your starship to defeat the aliens who want to destroy the Earth. The game includes 3 different episodes which have a different setting and goal. Every episode also includes many levels of increasing difficulty offering a great variety of enemy ships and challenges like falling rocks, etc. Not only will you have to destroy all enemies on each level, but also avoid their shots or you will perish. When you are shot, you energy decreases and when the meter empties you die. You also have to pay attention to the fuel meter and get fuel from the stations whenever you can or you will lose power. You start the game with three lives, but you can get more as you play, the same happens with the energy. The game also includes a great variety of power-ups, which, if caught, can help you defeat your enemies faster and more easily. The game includes three difficulty levels to choose from according to your gaming skills and experience with this game. Also, the game can be controlled with the mouse, keyboard or joystick. Regarding the graphics, they are simple, but attractive. Sound effects are good and the music is suitable.
Shareware Level Demo v1.85 + Crack 3.6MB (uploaded by Official Site)
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