Hocus Pocus Doom 1994

Does anybody remember the classic game Hocus Pocus? It was an old side-scrolling platform game made by Apogee in 1994. What would happen if Hocus Pocus was an FPS like Doom, rather than a sidescroller? Hocusdoom is a Total Conversion for Doom 2 that attempts to bring Hocus into the third dimension in a dazzling new adventure. It requires the latest stable version of GzDoom and Doom 2. It has the same features as the original Hocus Pocus. You complete maps by collecting all available crystals. However, you can also find red crystals that let you warp to secret maps at the end of the level. You are awarded points for finding treasure, killing enemies, and completing each map within a time limit. At the end of every episode your highest score will be recorded. Powerups: Rapid Fire - Fire a long continuous stream of shots lightning-fast. Lasts for 30 seconds and doesn't use extra shot ammo; Flamethrower - Fire a short-range stream of fire that leaves smoldering ground. Incredibly powerful and rare - Lasts for 30 seconds and doesn't use extra shot ammo; Extra Lightning Bolt - Lets you fire lightning bolts faster. Your shots slowly recharge, but charge faster if you hit enemies; Twin Shot - Shoot two bolts at one time. Gives 40 shots per bottle; Splitter Shot - Shoot three bolts in a spread pattern. Gives 30 shots per bottle; Laser Shot - Shoots a beam of lightning that pierces through enemies. Gives 20 shots per bottle; Power Shot - Shoots a single large ball of energy that splits into smaller shots. Devestating against single enemies and tight groups. Gives 20 shots per bottle; Fireball - Gives 3 shots that will obliterate and pass through any baddie. Bosses are a bit tougher but will still go through them; Power Wand - Special secondary weapon that is incredibly powerful, but ammo is limited. Make short work of those monsters This weapon destroys itself when you run out of ammo; Jump Potion - Lets you jump super high. Only useable once; Teleport Bottle - Warps you to another area of the map. Only useable once. Along the way to find those crystals you'll grab treasure to get the top score: Ruby - 100 points, Diamond - 250 points, Goblet - 500 points, Opal - 750 points, Emerald - 750 points, Crown - 1000 points, Ankh - 1500 points. Other types of secret treasure await, worth much more. Happy hunting.
Download 35MB (uploaded by Doomworld)

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