Rekkr Mockingbird Software 2018

Rekkr feels like it fell through a portal from a similar but ever-so-slightly different dimension. This viking-themed shooter was built to 1996 specs, and could have easily stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Hexen and Strife, were it not actually from 2018. Well-designed levels, strange monsters, some creative weapons (a staff that fires rune-stones that hit with a solid THUNK before exploding) and lots of MIDI bagpipes await. It's a standalone Doom 2 total conversion that contains a copy of Chocolate Doom, a standalone iwad, and a batch file to run from. It contains: 27 maps + 8 and 1/2 bonus maps, over 10 monsters, and all new weapons, music, sounds, graphics and everything. On September 22, 2020, REKKR became the first TC to join the lineup of official add-ons for the 2019 re-release of Doom Classic - Unity port.
Free Game v1.16a 28MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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