Gunbird 2 City Connection, Zerodiv 2020

Let's go on the treasure hunt through the skies of the world in the ultimate "Psikyo Shooter". This is a vertical-scrolling shooter game that first appeared in Japanese arcades in 1998. A comical story about the "magical potion" from ancient times. You can see the dialogue demos that unfold during the intermission and when the boss appears, and the dialogue between the characters that changes when the 2 players mode. New systems has been added, making score attacks even more fun. You can set the difficulty level, life, number of continues, controls, screen orientation, and more. In addition, now we have online rankings. Be the world's best GUNBIRD. Characters: Little great wizard "MARION", Flying honors student "TAVIA" from Germany, Lone vampire "ALUCARD" from Romania, Military robot "VALPIRO" from Russia, Obese body "HEI-COB"from Arabia, Naked samurai "???". Planes: Power up with "P" items, with sub-weapons also added; Get bombs with the "B" item to wipe out enemy bullets and evade your foes; Unleash the super shot to take down your enemies; Risky, but a high-powered, use the close range attack. Arcade mode: 7 levels of difficulty can be selected for beginners; Now players can really test out their skills with a "HARD" and "VERY HARD" mode. We're looking for recruits who are up for the test; Local rankings will support all difficulty levels and your own planes. Options: The vertical screen mode that allows you to play in arcade style like back in the day; Select the screen filter from the normal +2 version; You can set the number of lives from 1 to 9 and the number of continues from 0 to unlimited; Assign "Shot", "Auto Shot" and "Bomb" in the key configuration; The vertical screen mode can be operated in the horizontal mode as well. Now enjoy a completely different gameplay. Score Attack: This is a new feature that has a very severe mode with a fixed difficulty level and number of lives. Compete in high scores and score attacks against players from all over the world. Online rankings can be viewed from the options menu.
Download: None currently available

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