Battle Insects 5 Union Software Group 2000

One of a whole "sub-series" of budget vertical shmups from a Spanish company. The game came out extremely similar to Galaxian: the same lack of plot and absolutely black space without the slightest "decorations"; the same levels, measured in "waves" of fairly hardy enemy ships, perishing (while giving us points) only after a few accurate hits (though here they are at least numbered and have title screens); the same "flimsy" ship, exploding from any harmful effect, with infinite ammunition and several "lives" (without the possibility of replenishing or replenishing their number); finally, the same absence of any bonuses, except for a more powerful weapon - a "flamethrower" and two more types, which can be obtained by selecting a red ball, sometimes thrown out by destroyed opponents (this is difficult to do, because you have to dodge enemy attacks). But here is our own airplane, "protagonist". There is a certain real variety of "creatures" opposing us, - ships that resemble, sorry, maggots (!) and giant spiders (the latter rarely shoot, but, let's say, accurately and strongly, playing the role of a kind "half-bosses"); visual effects of attacks can also be called "nothing". The difficulty level is, perhaps, slightly higher than in the aforementioned Galaxian.
ISO Demo ( provided by starlord & upped by Scaryfun) 6MB

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