Horizon Vanguard David "Tain" Williams / tain a.m. works LLC 2020

Blast your hovercycle through the enemy's crushing forces under a bright blue sky. Drawing inspiration from saturated, hectic, and skill-based arcade games new and old, including games like Burning Force, Border Down, and DARIUSBURST, this is a VR action game that aims to combine the speed, focus, and density of arcade shooting games with the immersion and input capabilities of modern VR technology. Use your hovercycle to dodge enemy fire and attack armored ground targets while taking aim with your pistol to destabilize and destroy aerial foes. Use your radar to get your bearings when overwhelmed. Features: Support for PC VR headsets and flat-screen traditional monitor play; Unique mechanics mixing bullet hell dodging and light gun accuracy; An arcade game structure: short, dense, and challenging; 15 branching stages full of unique environments, enemies, and bosses, with access dependent the player's ability to find hidden intel; Comfortable movement in VR while maintaining a blistering sense of speed; A catchy, melodic soundtrack by Ken Snyder (aka coda).
Download: None currently available

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