Last Stand, The 1-4 Con Artists Productions / Armor Games Inc. 2007

This is a series of free Flash games. The Last Stand combines a defense game with zombie survival as the player takes control of a man stranded for 20 days until the army can arrive to extract him. For 20 nights he has to defend himself against a horde of zombies out to tear him apart, but he is not alone. The player is protected by a homemade barrier and has to shoot his way through invading zombies with 11 different weapons like pistols, shotguns (both normal and sawed-off), a chainsaw, assault rifles and Uzis. After each wave, the player has 12 hours to search for survivors, search for weapons or repair the barrier (which can be repaired faster with more survivors). The controls consist of using the keyboard to move around behind the barrier and using the mouse to aim and clicking to fire. The space button is used to switch between the other weapon which the player can carry and pressing the "R" key to manually reload. There are over 3,500 different zombie combinations, each with their own unique abilities as well as zombie rottweilers, army soldiers, SWAT officers, both skinny and fat generic zombies (the fat ones take a good bit of damage), along with some comical ones that make cameos like a news reporter and even a clown. Some are tougher than others and they move at different speeds. The player has 20 nights to survive and if the zombies completely destroy the barrier they will attack and kill anything in their path. The Last Stand 2 (2008) picks up after where the first left off as the player is being transported to Union City to evacuate the main land. An infected person on the chopper gets loose and causes the chopper to crash in a small town called Glendale. The player must once again defend his position, however this time there is a twist. The player has 40 days to reach Union City before they evacuate the mainland. This time the player has to search for supplies, weapons and survivors using an overhead map with highlighted locations, each with their own set hours to reach them, searching places like apartments, stores and gun shops. Players have only 12 hours to divide up, not including the hours to repair the barrier. Not all locations need to be completely searched. Instead the player needs to gather sufficient supplies to move to a new location so as to reach Union City in less than 40 days. The controls are the same as before with the mouse to aim and click to fire, and using the keyboard to move around in the barrier to line up shots. Once the player has sufficient supplies gathered he can go to another overhead map listing 7 cities, Union City is the last one and each of them can only be reached depending on the supplies the player has obtained. Each city is different. The bigger the city, the more zombies along with different barriers, each with a different damaging setting. Some take more hits while others may collapse too easily. There are the same weapons including some new ones, such as grenades, dynamite, more powerful pistols and assault rifles, and the RPG (which can only be obtained while playing the game on This time the zombies are even more dangerous with the ability to carry weapons such as sledgehammers and machetes and can kill survivors without having to destroy the barrier. When the barrier becomes too heavily damaged, they will also flee leaving the player alone. There are only four survivors that can join up, but the player can now set traps, such as bear traps, exploding gas cylinders and land mines that can be placed on an overhead grid map. The Last Stand: Union City (2011) is a zombie survival game set in the titular Union City. The character-created protagonist is returning home from work, outside the city, when they unknowingly crash into a zombie. Although they hadn't been aware of the zombie apocalypse, they must now fight their way through the city, collecting resources and helping other survivors along the way, with the ultimate goal of reaching their husband (if the protagonist is female) or wife (if the protagonist is male). The basic gameplay strays away from its predecessors' tower defense-esque gameplay, instead opting for a 2D side-scroller as the player shoots and stabs their way through zombies. The game still preserves an emphasis on scavenging, allowing the player to explore numerous buildings that are optional yet can contain helpful items. These include weapons (from pistols to crossbows), medicine, food, clothes, armor, and, most commonly, useless junk. The game also features RPG elements: by killing zombies, completing quests, or obtaining achievements, the player also gains experience points that allow the player to level up and improve their abilities. The player has five main attributes that each govern a set of skills. Strength influences carrying weight and the damage from melee weapons, Precision influences accuracy and reload times for firearms, Intellect is a catch-all for non-combative skills such as lockpicking and scavenging, Endurance influences their stamina and defense against attacks, and Luck is the exception, having no skills itself but influencing nearly every other attribute or skill (such as increasing the chance of critical hits or lowering the chance of finding junk). There are two basic game modes: Run and Gun, where ammo and weapons are more plentiful, and Survivor, which not only decreases the amount of discoverable ammo but also introduces a food and sleep system. In Survivor mode, the player is required to regularly eat food and sleep, otherwise their stats are significantly decreased and, if alone for too long, they die. A premium DLC pack, Survival Kit, added a new location alongside several weapons and game modes; it was later included with the base game, although all of its content still has the [Premium] affix. The Last Stand: Dead Zone (2012) takes place in the titular Dead Zone, Union City after it has been abandoned by HERC and the military. The player is a Leader of a compound within the Dead Zone, and must keep their band of survivors alive. Making an even bigger departure from the rest of the series, it is a 3D isometric tactical RPG/social game. Just like Union City, the player creates their own survivor, the Leader, who can level up by gaining XP. All survivors are now controllable in gameplay, and each can level up as well. The player must also maintain and expand their compound by scavenging resources and constructing new buildings.
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Free Flash Games - 1,2,Union City 4.3+8.4+20.2MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
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The Last Stand: Dead Zone - Browser-Playable Free Flash Game (uploaded by Kongregate)

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