Night Of The Living Dead VR Pyramid Attack Inc. / Hollywood Suite Inc. 2020

You find yourself trapped inside an old farmhouse, surrounded by the undead clamouring to get in. Your only defense is to board up the windows and doors and shoot as many as you can. With the zombie invasion intensifying, you might not make it out alive. When you’ve had enough zombie mayhem, head down to the basement and flick on the old projector to watch new and exclusive interviews from Night of the Living Dead actors and crew. This is an exploratory experience that captures the original spirit of the film in black and white, immersing users in a full-scale 3D recreation of the film’s iconic farmhouse set. Exclusive interviews with film experts and original cast and crew members enrich the experience with insights into the horror classic. Created with the support of CMF - The Canadian Media Fund.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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