Xeno Assault Jagged Blade Software / Alawar Entertainment 2004

This is an arcade shooter that challenges space jockeys to obliterate a swarm of aliens before its reaches Earth. It makes it mark on the action genre with an array of screen-jarring weaponry. The player controls a ship equipped with a normal laser and a powerful beam that charges up over time. Both can be upgraded. The spacecraft can also use the military hardware aliens drop when reduced to debris. Among these armaments are Missile Packs and Laser Turrets. In a cool twist, the player can deploy up to five automated turrets along the bottom of the display, even during boss battles. Like all good arcade shooters, it offers pickups that give the player the upper hand. In addition to extra lives, shields and points, quick-wristed gamers can snag invulnerability powerups and bonuses that slow down the enemies. Completing the package are dozens of missions, mouse and gamepad support, 3D graphics and a hard rock soundtrack. Players with less experience can also use a revolutionary targeting beam to easily wipe out the alien aggressors.
Full Demo 10.3MB (uploaded by roioros)
Full Demo (provided by starlord & upped by Scaryfun) 10.3MB

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