Anew: The Distant Light Resonator 2020

Release Date: TBA This is a single-player adventure across a massive, open game world. Explore, battle, and puzzle through exotic and surreal environments. Seek out game-changing equipment, upgrades, and vehicles to expand your options for combat and travel. Discover exotic creatures and intelligent life, unlock the power of Materiel, and repair your home ship. Locate your missing copilot and find yourself. Complete your mission. "Of all places, Hope's navigator brought me here, to this moon, twenty light years from Earth. She's damaged almost beyond repair, my copilot is missing, and I barely recognize myself. Orbiting a dead planet and punished by a brutally hot sun, my mission log holds just one objective: PLANT THE SEEDS." This is a game for those who love to explore and solve mysteries, enjoy skill-based combat, and appreciate visual storytelling that doesn't interrupt gameplay. Explore a massive, hand-crafted game world filled with diverse environments, strange life forms, puzzles, and surprises. Forge your own path through dozens of hours of nonlinear gameplay. Discover unique, game-changing weapons and equipment. Traverse the alien moon by climbing, swimming, jetpacking, skating, swinging, jumping across planetoids with their own gravity, and more. Battle a huge cast of enemy creatures, machines, and screen-filling bosses. Lay waste to deadly enemies by piloting powerful vehicles like the giant mech, dune buggy, rocket, and flying saucer. Unlock your Hope home ship to upgrade your suit and weapons, fast travel to distant areas in the game world, and more. Collect exotic microchips and optimize your suit's programming for your play style or to overcome a specific challenge. Survive the burning alien sun, which creates a cycle of changing hazards, enemies, and rewards. Show what you're made of through a high skill cap featuring tough, but fair challenges. Maintain complete control over an extremely agile hero, designed from day one for tight analog twin stick and mouse + keyboard play. Unravel several mysterious narrative threads - each communicated through visuals, sound, and music. Immerse yourself in a surreal, beautiful alien world, thanks to a gorgeous original score by award-winning composer Wilbert Roget, II.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
Standalone Level Demo v00247 518MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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