Metal.ik 1-3 ReveVoodoo 2020

A series of free fan-made FPS shooters: Metal.ik Dystopian world, the end after the end of time. Quake-Inspired Shooter, Miami Hotline in Steampunk Style. Metal.ik Vol. II Ik a soul liberated full of hatred penetrates the depths of Internet to Play a cassette, because music is the only human vestige that remains. Metal.ik Vol. III The android ik, enters the plains of a forgotten land. After it saves the souls sown by the last humans, he meets an old flying machine in his desire to be free to repair it, but the Internet seeks him to format it or destroy and eradicate it her own soul impregnated in him, or her.
Free Games Vol. !-III 129+163+214MB (uploaded by
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