Wind of Time akmc47u 2017

In fall of 2014 year in the borders of Chernobyl Zone a Strongest Blowout in whole history thundered. After that big disaster the Zone has began to devour all more and more areas of the Earth, threatening the existence of life on the planet. In 2048, a time machine was inveted. And its creator gives birth to plan to save humanity. This plan consists in sending to the past a military specialist who is definitely able to figure out the main reasons of this massive blowout and eliminate it. Despite the fact that the main plot begins in the future, there are absolutely no elements of fiction, except for the original world of the Zone. There's no starships, blasters, aliens, wars with space people or something similar. The main action takes place in 2014 and represents the continuation of the original trilogy. The plot of modification is calm and half-freeplay'able, it does not lead a player on rails. When you complete the basic tasks, new levels open with additional tasks, some of which take players to unique locations. Features: new plot; new locations; some features that were recovered from SoC (stash system, old controller, snork, poltergeist, square minimap, interactive dialog system etc.); thirst of main player (inscriped in the engine); elements of mysticism and horror; reworked system of artifacts; integrated STCoP Weapon Pack 2.9; Atmosfear 3; Abosulte Nature 4. Optional features: fully adopted HD Models Addon (author of original pack is Ninja_Nub[NOR]); fully adopted SWTC (author of original pack is Vincent_Vega); French, German, Italian and Spanish languages pack (big thanks to TKGP!).
Standalone Free Game v1.3 + Patch 4.74GB + 49MB (uploaded by ModDB)

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