Diabotical The GD Studio 2020

This is a fast, action packed, fun first-person shooter filled with color, set in a universe where Eggbots travel from planet to planet, transforming any interesting locations that they find into battle arenas to fight each other for fun. It's focused on being a fun game for all, with easy to learn game modes, excitement to be had right off the bat as well as providing more challenging modes for those who will become more familiar with the game's fast movement, weapons and tactics. More modes, maps and other content to come. Weekend 1 of the Closed Beta will feature 3 modes and 9 maps. On the following three weekends Diabotical will once again be available for playtesting while gradually unlocking more content, fixes and adjustments based on the feedback received. Wee-Bow Instagib is a 5v5 mode where you frag enemies with your Crossbow or Melee in 1 hit, collect the Gold Coins they drop to score points, and use your Knockback Weeball for movement or to knock enemies across the map. Maps: Coastline, Egg-Plant, Stronghold. Arena 1v1/2v2 is a round based mode played in compact arenas where each player has 2 lives per round and spawns with a full loadout, when a round ends players move on to a different arena. Maps: Barrows Gate, Junktion, Heikam. Wipeout is a 5v5 round based mode where players spawn with a full loadout and there are increasing respawn times with each elimination in the team. Wipe the whole enemy team to win the round. Maps: Furnace, Wellspring, Refinery. It includes a variety of weapons that suit different situations and require different skills to master. All modes feature Weeballs. Multiple little grenades with personalities that have utility aspects such as Knockback, Smoke and Healing. All of the Diabotical maps were built using an in-game map editor which uses a block system and at the moment includes hundreds of textures, hundreds of decals, over two thousand props, various light options, a terrain tool, and gameplay entities. At the moment there is Eggbot customization based on applying Stickers on your Eggbot to make it unique, with over 200 stickers ready. Future customization options are announcers, Music choices, Shoes, Weapon skins, Weapon attachments, Emotes, Sprays and more.
Free Game (uploaded by Epic Games)

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