Oblivion Lost Remake OLR team 2018

STALKER: Oblivion Lost was supposed to be the original title of the first STALKER game that GSC Game World started working on in 2001. The title originally set its story around 2026 and would have been a futuristic action game based on teams opposing robots and allowing for example the use of helicopters. It might even have offered environments as varied as Aztec temples or laboratories, before quickly reorienting itself towards the STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl that we know. Following the - welcome - reorientation of the game and its name change , the GSC Game World team had given in to fan requests and made builds of STALKER: Oblivion Lost available. Several teams of modders took it up and worked on their improved version of the game. We are of course on standalone versions here - you don't need the original game - rather than actual mods. This is the full restoration of "Old Good Stalker." The project is designed in the framework of a particular concept - the idea of the original GSC, since the concept of STALKER Oblivion Lost 2002-2003 years. In addition to the two main story lines will be present another alternative. All quests have been taken from the design documents. In version 2.5 will also be a large number of new tasks that continue to expand the world of the game. Features: Added full old A-Life, implies a nearly complete freedom of movement of NPC and monsters. Recompile all levels of mod at the ultra quality. Supplement storyline and correcting some of its inconsistencies. The increase in the number of secondary quests. New FDL render(r2). Recovery of slide cut features.
Download v2.5 + Fixx 19 Repack plus Fixx 41 English 3.61GB+196MB (uploaded by Gameinator Forums)

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