Food Of The Gods, The Sefano Cagnani La Vendetta 2020

Based on a portion of the H.G.Wells novel, and "The Crazies" movie (by Romero), this fangame brings you an unique experience never seen before. Giant animals grown by contamination attack Ogden March city, surrounded by a storm. Can u survive? It puts you in the shoes of a government operative who has been sent to assess the situation after a tornado caused an industrial chemical spill. The spill has affected the local wildlife and much like in the original story, it’s caused it to grow and become more aggressive – which means you’ll be dealing with some horrifyingly large killer chickens, wasps and rats. It’s a very cinematic experience, with some spectacular set-pieces and an excellent audio score that nails the Sci-Fi horror B-movie vibe.
Free Game v0.1.0 1GB (uploaded by Gamejolt)

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