Out of Ammo hwilson 2020

A mix of retro shmup (think Judgement Silversword) and breakout, in the style of something like The Lost Shield or Wizorb, with aesthetics hugely inspired by ZeroRanger (because it's brilliant, and green+orange goes well with EVERYTHING). Eliminating priority enemies/bosses is all that's needed to progress, instead of each stage dragging on until every last stationary helpless block is vanquished. Also, there are bonus objectives in some stages. Throwaway plot made up as a good excuse to make cool sprites: Deep in enemy space, and all your ship's weaponry empty, you have no choice but to fight with your engine's fuel cores. Eject your volatile fuel cores, send them speeding through space with your ship's exhaust, bounce them into enemies, and take out priority enemy targets. It's the only way to put a stop to these unprovoked invasions.
Free Game 3MB (uploaded by Itch.io)

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