Junker's Ingot Studio Sequence 2004

Survival shooting game ? Something like STG, created as "doujin" software (indies game) in the age of QVGA (320 * 240) resolution. This is an STG-style survival action game created around 2000 that uses resources given to the aircraft to fight through several situations. It looks like a retro game about 15-20 years old, but there are also some EPOCH, so I think you can enjoy it if you have a good taste. The game uses a combination of 2D and 3D graphical elements. The 2019 Republish Essence Edition is an improvement on various operations and pictures while leaving the game character part of the previous edition. The game consist of 5 stages (4 + a final boss): Stage 1 - "Forte" pablic ocean; Stage 2 - "Sun Set" Island Fortress; Stage 3 - The " Silver Tower"; Stage 4 - Earth "Forte" Orbit; Stage 5 - Near the "Moon base"; The game uses two buttons. With a button you shoot (space bar) with the other you do a screw maneuver to dodge bullets (Ctrl). If you keep pressed fire button your ship will shoot gatling bullets until the bullets bar goes to zero. Then you release the fire button and it will replenish soon after.
Full Demo 63MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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