Effigy Redact Games 2021

Early Access Release Date: Feb The prison moon Gehenna has gone dark. The prisoners have taken control, forming a militant religious group that worships an entity known only as the Umbral. You were sent to investigate - and now you are trapped. Survive the Black Moon. Find your way home. Kill their God. From the developer of the critically-acclaimed narrative adventure game Sagebrush, this is a retro first-person shooter set in a huge, mysterious interconnected world. Blending the fast-paced action of classic shooters of the 90s with the exploration and nonlinear progression of the Metroidvania and Souls genres. Scour the Black Moon to find new weapons and abilities that can completely change your playstyle, and piece together the strange history of Gehenna by scanning artifacts and translating strange runes. It will be released in three episodic content drops through Steam's Early Access program, with each release adding new content to the core game and progressing the story. Each released episode will add new regions to Gehenna that build upon one another to create a vast non-linear world to explore. Questgivers, abilities, and items you find along the way will open up new possibilities for exploration. Blast enemies around corners with the reflective beam of the mining laser, or use the Pulse Buckler to deflect rockets back where they came from. Each episode will add new and more wild weapons and items, allowing you to experiment and tweak your playstyle. Inspired by the classics of the genre, it has a low-poly, lo-fi aesthetic just like you remember. Gehenna is a forsaken, time-lost land, populated by enigmatic souls. Some of them will help you along your journey. Some of them will stop at nothing to end it. The (now outdated) public pre-alpha demo is a part of the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc Collection. Check out a work-in-progress early portion of the game: Two full levels, five weapons, two enemy types, and mysterious characters to chat up.
Pre-Alpha Demo v0.061a 237MB (uploaded by Itch.io)
Pre-Alpha Video

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