Zombex Ludovic Hauguel 2002

"Ghosts? But they doesn't exist!" If there's one thing in life that makes you smile, it's this little phrase meant to reassure children. Because you know they are indeed there, anywhere... You have sworn to send them all back to hell... you, the last zombie exterminator, better known as ZOMBEX. Get your fill of thrills by downloading this awesome free 3D game made by a French developer. The game is represented by endless single-level corridors, sometimes connecting to large halls. The corridors are made with a very good futuristic design. Enemies - skeletons, zombies, giant mummy bosses and other "evil". Passages everywhere can be blocked by destructible coffins (!). From killed opponents, there are vessels with liquid, which can be replenished with health. Skeletons seem to be less dangerous than zombies, as they mostly run in corridors and just catch up on "creepy", but contact with them is also "painful". In general, the gameplay here, though monotonous, but hardcore: the enemies "knock down" you quickly, and health and stock of lives are constantly not enough. For the destruction of the enemy, points are awarded (SCORE). There are only two game parameters: energy (ENERGIE) and reserve of lives (VIES). The controls are extremely simple: movement - arrow keys on the keyboard, shoot - left mouse button (for a series of shots, you need to hold it down), jump - right mouse button. The weapon is some kind of fancy blaster that shoots out clots of fire or plasma. The graphics are quite modern for that time, there is nothing to complain about.
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Free Game 9MB (uploaded by Caiman)

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