Arena Clay Peterson 2020

Arena is about fighting to exist as your magical self. Our story begins when a patrol of Kazuian guards catch you in act of practicing MAGIC. The king of Kazu is disgusted by your MAGIC and sentences you to trial by combat. You're afraid, but you are strong. You will face 16 levels full of action, adventure, romance, near-death experiences, and full-on religious epiphanies. Your body is ready. You can feel the magic flowing through you. The question is Wizard... are YOU ready? Features: All of the textures and sprites are hand-painted (with acrylic paint); Original soundtrack; Magic based first-person shooter;4 unique spells + 2 spell upgrades; 9 different enemy types; 16 levels; Earn coins in the Arena to buy new spells; Leaderboards, Stats, and Achievements.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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