SCP: Nukalypse Zion Games Studio 2020

Early Access Release Anomalous entities escape from the research site in Russia, it's up to you to escape or recontain the entities yourself. You'll have to navigate the 3 sections of the facility all whilst evading the entities, known as SCPs. Every time you start a game, the spawns for guns and keycards (which you will need to open the next section) will be randomly generated. Each SCP will breach containment at a different, random time each game. If you die - try and try again. The main SCPs you will be facing-off are: SCP-173 - A concrete sculpture that can only move when it is out of your line of sight. As soon as you blink, it will hunt you down; SCP-096 - "The Shy Guy" will cry without stop. If you look at its face, it will go into emotional distress and scream, then attack the viewer. Nothing is known that can prevent the viewer's death; SCP-049 - "The Plague Doctor" is a medieval doctor that will try to "cure" all humans. If it touches the target, their organs shut down instantly, and all bodily function cease. Some other SCPs you will encounter: SCP-294- A coffee machine that can dispense any liquid; SCP-914- A machine that can upgrade or downgrade anything; SCP-012 - A mysterious note with a song written in blood. In the event of a breach, Special Forces Unit (designation Cobra-9) are to be sent to the site as soon as possible. All subjects apart from site faculty are to be terminated. That concludes this meeting. Please note down all important info.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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