Cecconoid Triple Eh? Ltd 2019

Stardate: 15th April, 2088. The good ship Equinox is under attack from Stormlord and his robotic minions, the Exolons. You're the crew's only hope. Take your Samurai-1 fighter, find Captain Solomon's Key, clear the decks of evil robots, and save the Equinox from certain destruction. Cecconoid is an 8-bit inspired, flick-screen, twin-stick-shooter, set in an alternate dimension where the pixels are still chunky, and the bad guys are black and white. Except for their red dangly bits... Also includes... A full, bonus arcade game; Eugatron. 50 levels of Robotron-style, twin-stick, arena-based shooting, direct from the 80s and remixed for your pleasure. Can you be a Eugenius? Features: More than 50 rooms; 6 different power-ups; High Score Table; Full, bonus arcade-game, Eugatron.
Download: None currently available

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