Simp Slayer Simulator 2K20 2GenPro 2020

This is a fast-paced, first person arena shooter in which you take on the role of a licensed simp hunter. Using a variety of weapons in your arsenal, you will hunt and battle hoards of hostile simps, thots and coomers in a variety of locations. Unlock new weapons, new locations and collect simp bucks as you put an end to the simp menace. With classic arcade style game play, this is fun for the whole family as you compete for the highest score and kill streak in each new location. Features: Slay simps, thots, coomers, 30 year old wizards, neckbeards and more; An arsenal of weapons to purchase; Five playable areas - gun down simps outside the massage parlour, in the parking lot of a gamer girl convention, and more; Engage in the final battle against Big Daddy Coomer King in Simp City; Collect simp bucks to purchase new weapons and ammunition.
Download: None currently available

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