Solar Purge Hitscan Games 2020

Early Access Release What happens when you combine a twin-stick shooter with an action RPG and a bullet hell? Solar Purge of course. Dive into the action as you destroy everything in your path with tons of unique weapons and abilities. Take on the threats of Nova Genesis with up to 4 players and discover the secrets of its ancient past. Choose the Hero That Fits Your Play-style from 4 playable classes: Engineer - Build bots, tech and tools to heal and support your squad; Juggernaut - Protect your squad at all costs. Use shields and defensive skills to hold your enemies at bay; Stryker - Pull out the heavy firepower and demolish all who oppose you; Assassin - Sneak behind enemies and attack from the shadows. Move quickly and attack powerfully. Upcoming Features: Campaign Mode - Play through the story mode and discover the secrets of Nova Genesis. "Twelve years ago, three ships vanished into an anomaly during a routine Jumpgate entry. Their records were erased but the ships survived, hurtled across the Laniakea Supercluster to an unknown single-star system classified as Nova Genesis. Now in 2243 a team of four misfit mercenaries have been assembled to explore the worlds around this newly discovered star, eliminate threats and help to secure a foothold in this strange new galaxy. You are among their ranks." Holo-Chamber Mode - Jump straight into the action in this procedurally generated game mode. Defeat enemies, level up, find new weapons, fight the boss and reach the next floor of the simulation! How long can you survive? Skills & Upgrades - Level up each of your characters and upgrade their skills. Killing enemies and completing missions rewards you with new weapons and loot. 4-Player Couch Co-Op - Get the squad together. Play with up to 4 friends and take on the Campaign or Procedural Missions. Take on the Campaign or Procedural modes with up to 4 people at home. Xbox Controller Recommended. Connect online through Steam's Remote Play Together feature or Parsec Epic Sci-Fi Universe. Built with Unreal Engine 4, the world of Solar Purge comes to life with breathtaking visuals and an original soundtrack.
Download: None currently available

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