Hell Hunt T19 Games 2020

Release Date: Nov This is a new retro FPS inspired by 90s shooter like Quake1, Blood, tells the story of a Demon Hunter entering hell for revenge. Lots of classic elements such as key cards, secret areas, no health regeneration, a large arsenal would be in it. Meanwhile, Hell Hunt also has a modern skill-based FPS mechanic, such as powerful attack abilities, special movement abilities, upgradable weapon systems, etc. Features: Bullet time - A short bullet time will be triggered when you kill a demon, During bullet time everything will slow down but you'll move normally; Abilities - You can use some special abilities (most of them have a cooldown), such as throwing katanas, dash, etc.; Weapons - Planning More than 10 weapons in-game; Levels - Inspired by the classic shooter's level design methods, including key cards, secret areas, etc.
Level Demo v0.612n 116MB (uploaded by Itch.io)

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