Youkai Kori Kassen: War of Fox and Badger Raichu 2013

Youkai Kori Kassen (known as War of Fox and Badger to some in the Western Touhou Community) is a vertical shooting game for Danmakufu ph3. It is notable for using Mamizou (Tanuki/Badger) and Ran (Kitsune/Fox) as player characters. This game uses a selectable route system and focuses on filling a gauge to transform bullets into transformation power bullets. The plot revolves around a letter of challenge sent to the player character. The rest is for you, the player, to discover. At first, it resembles a typical Touhou game, but plays more like Fairy Wars. The story is based around a war between the foxes and tanuki. The heroine, either Ran or Mamizou, sets out to find the other who has sent her a letter of challenge. The game's system is based around transformation power items, which can be used to activate a square that transforms all bullets it touches into even more transformation power items. The main strategy is to activate this square when there are many bullets in the vicinity, in order to produce a large number of items. The game has a selectable route system. At the beginning of the game, five stages are available to choose in any order. After three of the five routes have been taken, the final stage will be available, but the player can still play the other stages first. As you complete each stage, the game gets more difficult.
Free Game 50MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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