Skulldash 1994

This is a megawad and time-trial styled gameplay mod for GZDoom (3.2.0 and higher) created by Joshua O'Sullivan (Dragonfly). The original version, containing 32 levels, was released on 22 October, 2015, and ran on the Zandronum source port. This first release went on to win one of the 22nd Annual Cacowards. In 2017, an expansion pack, entitled Skulldash: Expanded Edition was released, allowing the mod to be played in GZDoom, and featuring an additional eighteen levels created by O'Sullivan and various mappers from across the Doom community. The mod is intended to be played using the OpenGL renderer, with the effects of the software renderer ranging from sub-optimal visuals to major graphical glitches on some maps. The player is tasked with reaching the exit of each level within a set time limit, collecting tokens (officially referred to as skulltokens) along the way in addition to fighting monsters to reach as high a score as possible. Each level requires the player to collect 75% of all skulltokens in the map. Most skulltokens are white in colour and add 100 points to the player's score, though some different-coloured variants are also included, each performing a different function when collected: Green skulltokens provide the player with 25 armor points, and add 1,000 points to the player's score; Red skulltokens provide the player with 25 health points, and add 1,000 points to the score; Blue skulltokens add an extra five seconds to the remaining time, and add 500 points to the score; Golden skulltokens are found rarely, but give the player 100 armor points, as well as adding 50,000 points to the score. The exit area of the map will not open until the player has met the 75% collection requirement. If the player manages to collect every skulltoken, they will be rewarded with a high value health-item (usually a soulsphere or megasphere) at the exit, and their score for the level will be doubled. If the player fails to reach the exit in time, they will be automatically killed and have to restart the level. In addition to original monsters, Skulldash contains the content definitions for other custom things from Skulltag, namely all weapons, spheres and runes, and also the red armor, which gives 200 armor upon pickup and absorbs 80% of damage.
Download Expanded Edition 78MB (uploaded by Official Site)
Download v1.0 42MB (uploaded by ModDB)

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