Definitely Sneaky But Not Sneaky boxedworks 2019

This is a top-down action game with stealth and arcade elements. Small yet difficult levels combined with the ability to instantly retry a level creates a fast-paced experience. In the end, it is your choice to be sneaky... or not. Action-Stealth gameplay - Most levels allow you to approach them in different ways. You can either sneak into each situation and slowly take out your opponents, or you can run in and try to beat the level as quickly as possible. Needed something else to do after playing the Classic mode? Try out the new survival game mode. Endure never-ending waves of enemies, purchase upgrades with kills, and explore the larger maps made just for the mode. With both keyboard/mouse and controller support, you can play the game whichever way is more comfortable. May it be keyboard and mouse, a PS4 controller, or an XBOX controller, all you have to do it plug-and-play (and go into the options menu). However, it is important to note that the game will play better with a controller. 4-person local multiplayer is also supported with the ability for mixing different control types (one player on a keyboard, another on a PS4 controller, and a third on an XBox controller, etc.) in order to get as many people playing as possible. Use Steam's Remote Play feature to play with other Steam users with just one copy of the game. Play the entirety of the game with some friends or play solo, it's up to you.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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