Geometric Feel the Beats YAW Studios 2020

Have fun with a unique mix of musical genres, while destroying geometric elements. Complete missions, improve your cannon, be accurate in your shots and all without worrying about GAME OVER. Play alone, in cooperative mode or challenge a friend in PVP mode, here competition is what counts. Regardless of how you choose to play, the fun has no limits. Inspired by a space theme and with touches of “Tron” (we love this movie). The game is focused on fun and competition accompanied by frantic songs. Don't you like to die again and again? Then your problems are over. You don't have to worry about that, you have fun doing the missions and collect points. Accumulating ranking points is not just for you to show others your ranking, they are also for buying upgrades for your spaceship. Using ranking points can make you drop some rankings, so analyze the timing of the purchase well, but buying upgrades makes your life easier in the game. Here you decide. Stay tuned to the Power up’s that appear in the stage, they are accompanied by big surprises. Game Modes: Adventure - Perfect for “lone wolves”, in this mode each stage is made up of two missions. You will have fun discovering new “AIs” and finding ways to overcome them. Co-op - In cooperative mode you start from scratch again. It does not take into account your advancement, upgrades or adventure mode ranking, but there is a crucial difference ... YOU WILL NOT BE ALONE. A friend will accompany you, helping you in the challenges of adventure mode, because everything is more fun with a friend! In this mode we have an exclusive ranking for players and their friends and the rules for purchasing upgrades remain the same. With teamwork you have achieved scores never imagined before. PVP - Who doesn't like to compete against a friend? In this mode, hitting your opponent gives you an advantage, he will be paralyzed for a few seconds while you complete your mission. There will be three missions per game, the one who wins the most missions wins. The rules remain the same as for adventure and the mission is the same for both players. Who will win this duel? Ranking - Who will remain at the top? Who will be the fastest and most accurate player? These questions will be answered here. There will be two classifications, one for adventure mode and one for cooperative. In advance, we warn you that the more you miss, the more points you will lose, which could cause the ranking to drop.
Download: None currently available

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