Spellbreak Proletariat 2020

This is a battle royale game enriched with RPG elements. The title was developed by a team whose ranks include former employees of companies such as Harmonix, Turbine and Insomniac Games. The action is shown from TPP. In the course of the game we play the role of magicians participating in battles, from which only one can leave (and win). Dynamic clashes take place in a gradually decreasing arena, which makes encounters with other wizards more and more frequent with time. Before starting the game we choose one of several character classes, which can be expanded with an additional profession selected from the same pool in the course of the skirmish. Individual specializations are based on elements, and each of them has a unique passive ability and three magical scrolls, which we unlock or develop during the game, in exchange for skill points. Spells are cast using two gloves that we can supply our character with; each of them has a basic and additional attack. The key to success is to combine the effects of spells into spectacular and deadly combinations. For example, a frozen enemy can be treated with electricity, and a cloud of poisonous gas can be set on fire, leading to a murderous explosion.
Free Game (uploaded by Epic Games)
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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