Ghost Next Door, The (cancelled) Stix Studio 2014

This is a 3D dynamic rogue-like which is in line with all games of the kind like Binding of Isaac, Rogue Legacy and Spelunky but also much more nervous games like Alien Swarm or Nation Red. We want it to be replayable as much as possible. For example, like Binding of Isaac, every floor is randomly generated with many different layout of enemies. Between each floor, you will have to beat a boss to access to the next harder floor. Our key feature is the light, you will have to use your flashlight to interact with the environment, enemies and objects. Even your weapon munitions are made of light. To recover some munitions, you will just have to get closer to theses kind of lamps but the room will become darker and you will need to use your flashlight more. During the game, you can find objects that will improve your skills like damages, shot speed, health and much more. Also, there are items with special effects that you can unlock by doing achievements. Some kind of enemies can drop them but you can also try to reveal secrets rooms with your flashlight. In every game, you collects masks by killing enemies or by opening furniture. Those masks are the currency of the game. You can buy a new weapon, improvements or items after each boss. If you die or finish the game and you still have many masks, you can spend them before a new game to begin with better statistics. Although the game was not fully completed, a playable alpha version exists.
Alpha Version 165MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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