Iron Meat Ivan Valeryevich Suvorov / Screenwave Media 2021

Release Date: Mar ALERT ALERT ALERT. Emergency protocols enacted: Complete crew impairment due to contamination; system controls disabled locally; control passed to remote satellite access (effective immediately), awaiting response from command. Response: Complete Lockdown procedure enacted, station-wide Shelter In Place order issued to all staff, isolate and eliminate escaped containment. Record: XSP00666.20620230. Identities: Dr. Maxim Turgenev, Lieutenant General Nikolay Preobrazhensky. Location: Xenoscience Live Lab, Room 22, Terminal B2, 02:33 (GMT+12). Message: General, I regret to inform you that our mission on Mars is lost, along with all hands; the subject we extracted from the Martian ruins escaped containment approximately 120 minutes ago. In that time, our efforts to control and isolate (and, failing that, exterminate) the subject were unsuccessful. Our security measures proved to be woefully inadequate. The airlock and containment cell area was compromised almost immediately, and the armed response team dispatched was eliminated before a single radio status update could be delivered upon their arrival. They were dead before they were able to tell us what was killing them. We don't even know what they saw before they died. The cameras show nothing but a blur, and recorded nothing but screaming and silence. Within an hour, the casualties had mounted to the point that the computer is telling me we have just three people alive as I'm writing this. Three people left, out of almost ten thousand, in just over an hour. The rest, eaten and absorbed, repurposed to become more of... Whatever this is. We never stood a chance. I imagine that, very soon now, the few of us remaining will be joining our comrades in hell. We will not be with you for the coming apocalypse. I do not envy you. It is very hungry.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
Standalone Level Demo v22 07 2020 175MB (uploaded by Delacroix)
Level Demos 05/18 + 10/14 160+184 (uploaded by Delacroix)

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