Colony 7 2000
Colony 7 is one of the most successful mods in the EF community. It has a lot of action and a really good story line! The 1st chapter depicts the Klingon invasion of Hetlek station, a Starfleet outpost near the former Neutral Zone. You help Gordon Dufresne, a Starfleet ensign, to survive the onslaught. The 2nd chapter is set five weeks before the events of the 1st. You take control of Illia Ericcson, an agent of an organization whose name is only known to a very small circle. You learn of the Klingon's plan to attack Hetlek station and uncover a terrible secret. In the 3rd chapter the epic storyline comes to a closure. The story is just excellent and the whole idea of releasing chapters rather than the entire mod at once is one of the reasons Colony 7 has been so successful! Filled with action, the third chapter is not bereft of challenge. There are a number of 'puzzles' and such that help keep the player interested in the game. The maps were simply stunning! A lot of detail and depth. Good use of sound, and very well done cinematics! The previous chapters were nicely merged into the third one and the story switches were very seamless. The third chapter also introduces a new menu system in EF compared to the previous Colony 7 launcher that accompanied the previous chapters.
Screenshots & Download 114MB (uploaded by Gamefront)

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