Q.E.D. Level Creator For Quake WizardWorks 1997

This was the first ever level editor and map tool for Quake. It gives you the opportunity to create your own levels, monsters, level entities and features. Q E D is a level and room designer of unparalleled proportions. Battle it out in the Q E D death match including new sounds and textures. Works on windows 95/nt and you'll need a new and running version of Quake. Complete high-quality library of unique textures - Import and modify existing quake files. Features: 5 Separate viewing modes - 3 traditional 2-D views (top, side and front) and 2 distinct 3D Person "Walk-thru"; Receive updates from the Q.E.D. Web site includes additional help files, tutorials and a "Master Series" of tutorials that explores advanced techniques; Fully supported Q.Art texture maker art editing tool; Fully supported Q.M.E. Lite monster creating tool.
ISO Demo 12MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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