Harem Trigger CQC Software 2018

This is an adult 3D FPS type of shooter. You play as a regular student simply called “M”. Upon beginning, he immediately witnesses some form of gas attack in his school that causes all the females to go feral with lust. Luckily for him, he is saved by the only seemingly sane girl left, who promptly gives M a gun that can shoot the sanity back into girls. There are a variety of stages such as ones that you get shrunk, use a sniper rifle, fly a helicopter to fight and so on. Employs CQC system that if you get caught by a girl, she will do H things to you. H scenes are specialized in femdom situations. Overwhelming Volume of Features: 32 stages; 20+ weapons; 30+ types of enemies; 20+ H motions; 1.1 BILLION types of girls?!
Trial Demo 561MB (uploaded by DLsite)

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