Towaga: Among Shadows Sunnyside Games / Noodlecake 2020

In this sequel to a 2017 mobile game, an action-packed shoot'em up arcade adventure. Inspired by classic 2D animation, embark on a journey to combat the darkness and find the light within you. you will learn to master the light in order to exorcise hordes of enraged creatures firmly set upon tearing you to shreds. A unique journey - Discover devastating spells, improve your abilities and unlock new gear granting you the power to fight Metnal the Voidmonger and his Legion of Darkness. Progress through more than 70 unique levels and explore the 4 different game modes while uncovering the mysterious past of the Az’Kalar through many story-driven unlockable artifacts. A rich and magical universe - Explore an enchanted land with graphics and cinematics inspired by animated movies all the while enjoying an immersive soundtrack accompanying your every move in this mystical world where defeat is simply not an option. Your skill and perseverance will be sorely tested while fighting on foot in the jungle or soaring through the skies above the peaks of the highest temples. Fight for the light - Compete with your friends, rise to the top of the leaderboard and show off your skills as you complete a vast range of challenging achievements that will test your prowess. Will you be the one to vanquish the shadows and return peace to the island? Features: Immersive 2D graphics; Intense modes made for scoring; Challenging difficulty; Local multiplayer mode; Items, relics and spells to unlock; Various game modes; Mysterious back-story; Original blend between genres; Runs smoothly in 60 FPS.
Download: None currently available

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