Blazing Sails: Pirate Battle Royale Get Up Games / Iceberg Interactive 2020

Early Access Release A Battle Royale experience - Tired of dropping out of the sky or building your own walls? It offers a dynamic mix of swashbuckling on dry land and naval combat against enemy crews. Have No Fear - Pirates laugh in the face of danger. You’ll keep respawning until your ship has completely sunk - so it pays to take risks and play aggressively right from the start of a match. Honor Amongst Thieves - Loot supplies, weapons and upgrades from the surrounding islands, then quickly teleport back to your ship. You can even share your plunder with your crew by dropping it in the Loot Deposit. Looting is just one of the jobs to be divided among the crew - who’s gonna use that wood to repair the hull? Who will load the cannons with new ammo? And who will navigate and keep the ship out of the dead-zone? You’ll need to communicate and cooperate to secure the victory. Equip a variety of legendary pirate arrrms - Change your playstyle based on the weapons you plunder. Take to the crow’s nest with your trusty sharpshooter, or board an enemy ship with the legendary life-stealing Sword of the Sea! Like something more explosive? Try the shoulder-cannon or fish-launcher. To each their own. Different Ways to Win - Pacifist at heart? It’s possible to win without firing a single shot. Just sneak aboard an enemy ship and remove their cork. Just make sure someone’s defending your own vessel while you do. Build-A-Buccaneer - No two ships or pirates are the same. Show off your booty with a swath of customizable parts, clothing and accessories - embroidered jackets, gilded hulls, golden peg legs - you’ll get real fancy, real fast.
Download: None currently available

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