Purple Dinosaur Massacre John Dondzila 1994

This is essentially a killing simulator for Barney the Dinosaur, the popular children's television character who can be quite annoying to an adult and especially teenagers. While this is by no means a triple-A development game, it is still very satisfying if you're one of the many people who hate Barney with a passion. The game is very straightforward, you are given a machine gun which is mounted at the center of the screen, and you merely move the barrel left and right while firing at the various Barneys on the screen. And various Barneys there are. You have your basic walking Barney, a Barney who floats in the air using balloons, and another Barney who gleefully floats on a cloud (until you gleefully knock him out of the sky). Purple dinosaurs aren't the only objects that face your wrath however. Bunnies, flowers, clouds, even the sun can be shot at and killed. Needless to say this game is not meant for children, despite looking like its textures were created using Microsoft Paint.
Full Demo 246kb (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)
Free Game (1996 version) 295kb (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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