Space Patrol 5 Union Software Group 2001

This is a Spanish space shooter with free movement in the plane, and also a great rarity. It has nothing to do with the game of the same name for Intellivision, television series and other products with this name. The player controls a spaceship that can move and shoot from any direction. From level to level, we will see only distant stars in the background and pursue the same goal - to destroy all opponents. The main distinguishing feature is its phenomenal lightness. And considering that most of the space shooters from this developer are nothing more than ultra-hardcore, the simplicity of this game looks even stranger. Our ship has only one life, but there is a huge supply of health, which is replenished after defeating the "boss". Opponents are not capable of causing significant harm, besides there are very few of them: usually 10-15 at the level, but there are also those on which there are only three enemies (!). As a consequence, some stages are completed in less than a minute (again!). There are only a few types of enemy ships, and the "bosses" that are encountered every 3-4 missions are enlarged copies of ordinary enemies, are also practically harmless and, worst of all, begin to repeat themselves somewhere from level 20, increasing the general monotony. There are also no bonuses here, even the type of shells is only one. There is no point in talking about the fact that the game was published under DOS in 2001, since this is normal for 5 Union Software Group. Another thing is that it looks a lot like an amateur freeware shooter, but it was sold as a commercial game. Finally, it should be said that the development company did not hesitate to stick the same levels in different games. Space Patrol has passed this fate, but one borrowing was still found. One of the types of enemy ships is identical to the one that had to be controlled in Galaxian War - another space "flyer" by this author.
Spanish ISO Demo 1.61MB (uploaded by

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