Star Raiders Incinerator Studios / Atari 2011

This is a modern 3D game in the Star Raiders series of space combat games first started in 1979 on Atari 8-bit which later inspired games such as Wing Commander and Star Wars X-Wing. Battle the evil Zylons for galactic supremacy. Engage in epic dogfights and aerial assaults against the onslaught of the evil Zylons. In a devastating surprise attack, the Zylons have destroyed your entire fleet except for the Naval Academy Cruiser. Now, only you and your cadet crewmates can stop the Zylons from galactic domination. You discover that the Zylons are building a planet-destroying super weapon. Restore a legendary attack fighter destroy the super weapon to deliver a devestating blow to the Zylon empire. This game adds a new storyline, customizable ships, and multiplayer gameplay with several modes. The player’s ship is a small space fighter, but with the capability to transform itself to deal with a variety of situations. The forms include a dogfighting ship, capable of close and quick battles with other Zylon dogfighters, an assault form that is good at destroying larger, more powerful enemy ships, and a turret form, for destroying the largest Zylon ships from the inside. All of these forms will be needed, as the Zylon’s dramatically outnumber the player, both in numbers and size of their ships. Aside from fighters of similar size, the Zylons have cruisers and frigates to confront the player, as well as their largest ship, the Basestar. Players can defeat the other 3 types of ships with conventional weaponry, but have to travel inside the Basestar and destroy certain key points to finally eliminate it. The gameplay unfolds along a galactic map, as players choose which missions they want to undertake to defeat the Zylon threat. Missions involve the players dogfighting with Zylon forces in a variety of settings, from an asteroid field to gigantic space elevators, and end when all the Zylon ships are eliminated. Once the mission is completed, players can return to the area if they so choose, to find ore for upgrading their weapons and shields.
Download: None currently available

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